10' X 5' 6" Long Pasture Drag Chain Harrow
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  • 120"Wide x 66"Length ( ONE 6' + ONE 4' WIDE x 5-1/2' LONG SECTION )
  • 1/2"x 4" long tines
  • Heavy Duty Universal Drawbar With Tow Chain & Ring
  • WEIGHT 210 Lbs. Power Required To Pull = 15HP

Shipping cost is included for lower 48 US states  ( DOOR DELIVERED ).


  • Answer:
    • This device will collect those materials and you can drag the mess to a corner where you need to clean the tines. It is a big rake !
      By seller on 2019-Jun-03
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  • Answer:
    • There are multiple wire ties to keep chain harrow section intact while shipping. You need only Wire Cutter to unwrap the chain harrow section and then engage big hooks to the  drawbar  and it is ready to go. For Chain Harrows having multiple sections width wise you need a 5 Lbs hammer to lock together S-Hooks on side of each harrow section.
      By seller on 2018-Jul-19
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  • Answer:
    • It does a good job of renewing gravel driveway in multiple passes and smooth out wheel divots.
      By seller on 2018-Jan-25
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Review By:
Larry W
Posted On:
Sat, 27 Jun 2020
Drag Harrow
10ft x 5.6 Ft
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