HD 49" Hay Bale Spear - Square Forged - with Weld In Sleeve - Conus 2
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HD 49 Inch Long Hay Bale Spear With Weld In Sleeve || Square Forged - Conus 2 || Heat Treated - Capacity  3000 lbs || Best for round and long square bale handling attachments ||

  • Overall length 49". Effective length 44". Square Tapered for Super Penetration and Easy Removal
  • High Tensile Forged Steel. Heat Treated. Can Handle Any Size Bale Weighing Upto 3000 Lbs.
  • Material diameter - 1.8". Round Standard Tapered On Mounting End Conus-2
  • Thread Diameter - 30mm. Thread Length - 2". Comes with tapered hex nut and Weld On Sleeve. Sleeve - OD 2-1/4" x 4-3/4" Long
  • Capacity 3000 lbs when Fully Penetrated. Weight - 26 lbs each

APPLICATION - Replacement Part For Hay Bale Handling Attachments.


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Brand Name Neat Attachments
UPC 609224830532

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