$ 324.97
I wanted to buy some chain link for a drag but it only came in rolls. That would have been cheaper but I think would not be as versatile as this. It Worked great around my house and my .4 mile drive in rearranging and smoothing out the gravel. I really put on a show after a severe rain storm when the gravel had been pushed aside by a lot of water and left litte gravel free gullys. It took me no time at all to repair with this tool. However, you really need a 3 pt connected frame of some sort over it. I ended up buying a King Kutter boom and with the addition of some 1/2 pipe to stiffen each end, I chained the harrow to the boom - this works fine but there are original equipment setups that would work even though they will cost more than just the harrow. Also, I think 4 feet is not enough - have now purchased an additoinal 4 feet and will try that Without a frame you end up draggin in areas you don't want to drag and making wide turns when you would like to stop and turn around. The frame mounted to the 3 pt elimnates the problem.
Reviewed by Alan V on Fri, 19 Sep 2014.